Where to look for your job search in Ireland

Beginning a job search in Ireland doesn't have to be a big ordeal. With the right resources it can actually be a lot easier than you think and you will be ironing your shirt for interviews in no time.  Here we recommend the best job sites to get you back working again or to get you a better position in a top company.

We are sure by now you are already well aware of the bigger job sites out there. These include jobs.ie, monster.ie, loadzajobs.ie and irishjobs.ie. We highly recommend all of these sites as they have the biggest drawing power when it comes to companies advertising positions with them. When you search all of these sites you are also casting your net as wide as you can and you will view more positions this way.

There are other sites though that you should also look at as they also have some jobs advertised that the bigger ones may not have. One such site is employireland.com. This site has a great little search engine and also has a section called Resources which provides you with all the necessary information on essentials such as CV help, cover letter tips, possible interview questions and much more.

Another lesser known site is gumtree.ie. This site has over 8,000 job listings making it a nice additional jobs resource on top of the usual sites. Gumtree has a comprehensive part-time section too - so for little jobs that can help you pay the bills it is ideal.  Unfortunately gumtree.ie is limited to jobs mostly in or around Dublin.


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