How to conduct a job search for hairdressing jobs

Hairdressing is one of the industries that has remained relatively strong throughout the recession. In fact, 2011 has actually seen a slight increase in the number of job opportunities available for qualified and trainee hairdressers. But with more people out of work than ever, and more people taking hairdressing apprenticeships, there is intense competition for every vacancy. Follow these tips to maximise your chances of success with a job search for hairdressing jobs...

  • Major job search websites like Total Jobs, Job is Job and Monster are a good place to start. Check these on a daily basis and apply for advertised positions as soon as you can.
  • Check local media (like the classifieds section of your local media). Small scale recruitment for hairdressers usually takes this form.
  • Check Gumtree and other free advertising sites. They're a good source of information on part time or temporary jobs - which could lead to a more permanent position.
  • Be proactive in your search. If you don't see any suitable vacancies advertised, research all the hairdressers within a commuting distance of your home. Then spend some time polishing off your CV and writing good cover letters. Tell them that you would be very interested in working with them and ask them to keep you informed about upcoming vacancies.
  • Use your contacts. If you know anyone in the hairdressing industry, ask them to keep an eye out for vacancies or potential vacancies. They might even put in a good word for you!

Good luck with the job search.


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