Obtaining a primary teaching job in a school

In order to obtain a teaching job in either a primary or secondary school, individuals are required to undertake a lengthy training and development programme and once qualified, be committed to undertaking continuous professional development.

Primary school teachers are responsible for the planning and delivery of the school curriculum in accordance with the Lower (nursery) and Upper (reception) Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 for 5 to 7 year olds and Key Stage 2 for 7 to 11 year olds. A teacher should have the ability to promote learning and create an exciting and enthralling learning environment for pupils. One of the main duties of a primary teacher is to deliver the national curriculum in such a way so that it engages pupils, encourages them to learn and prepares them for end of year exams.

The main duties of a teacher include teaching all areas of the national curriculum including literacy, numeracy, science, technology art and information technology to name a few. Many schools are now extremely target driven, and teachers are expected to meet targets in relation to behaviour and attendance, class performance and individual pupil performance. While teachers are responsible for delivering a predefined national curriculum, they can teach in whichever way they choose, adapting teaching methods accordingly to suit different groups of children. Teachers also plan and prepare lessons, mark and assess work and provide feedback to parents at parents evenings and meetings.

In order to become a teacher, individuals need to have obtained a relevant degree, Qualified Teacher Status or QTS and also completed the comprehensive Post-Graduate Certificate of Education, also known as the PGCE. Local authorities sometimes offer graduate teaching programmes which enable students to gain the PGCE, or local universities may also run similar programmes. Once these qualifications have been obtained, individuals can begin to look for an appropriate teaching job in local schools.

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