Getting a job at Sainsburys

Those looking for a job at Sainsburys have plenty of opportunities. As with most of the large UK supermarket chains, staff turnover rates at Sainsburys are relatively high, as students and those looking for temporary work move on to do other things.

When you approach Sainsburys for a job, bear in mind that there are many roles that you can consider. Nearly all jobs here fall into the category of Customer Service Assistant, though there are many specific departments.

Cashier, baker, trolley collection, shelf replenishment, produce, stock taking and management staff positions are all available at Sainsburys, and getting a job in any of these roles listed other than a managerial position is relatively straight forward. You will need little to no job experience, though you will be required to fill out a job application form and show some common sense at the interview.

Before you can get invited to an interview, you will of course need to fill out a job application form. The best way to obtain this form is to call your local branch and ask to speak to the Personnel Department. They will then take your address and post it to you. Alternatively, walk into your local branch and head to customer services; they usually have a supply of application forms by the desk.

If you are invited to an interview, it is helpful to know that a common task that must be undertaken during a Sainsburys interview includes watching a short film that depicts a typical supermarket. Applicants must observe what is happening in the clip and note down anything that they feel shows poor customer service. Some things to look for that you can discuss with the interviewer include:

  • Staff not rotating produce correctly;
  • Impolite staff;
  • Poor appearance;
  • And other similar negative things you may observe.

If you apply for a job at Sainsburys, it is a good idea to take the above advice into account if you are invited for an interview - good luck!

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