Where to find a job in Rochdale

Before you start looking for a job in Rochdale, ensure that you have an up to date CV and you have researched the organisations you wish to apply to. Within Rochdale, there are many areas where employment can be sought.

The Rochdale Observer, published on Wednesdays and Saturdays is a tabloid newspaper, but also has a website where you can search for employment. On this website you can view current jobs news, find out who is hiring at the current time, or search for jobs in the Rochdale area.

Rochdale Council is also another source of jobs. On the website you can find out lots of information about working in the public sector, read through council job profiles, find out about training and development at the council or register with the talent pool. If you search through the jobs pages and find a suitable vacancy, you will need to register with the online system before you can submit your application.

The Rochdale online website is also another resource which you can use to  search for jobs in a variety of industries. Each jobs listing will provide an address or telephone number of the person to contact to find out further information about the job and how to submit an application if you are interested.  In addition to the above websites, general jobs websites can also be consulted to find suitable work in the area.

Total Jobs, Jobsite, Indeed and Local Recruit are just a few of the numerous general jobs websites which can be used in the search for employment. In addition, these websites also provide detailed advice writing a CV and preparing for interviews if you would like some additional help.

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