The facts about a job in property

Having a job in property is an ideal career for many people. Jobs are wide ranging and interesting which makes for perfect long term prospects. Unfortunately, the markets change rapidly and when the market goes down, you may find it difficult to secure or keep work in property as fewer transactions are going through. This article looks at the role of a typical job in property - the estate agent.

What are estate agents?

Estate agents are individuals who operate either on their own or with a company to facilitate the process of buying and selling houses, or renting houses. Commercial estate agents deal with business property and have a great deal more complexity to contend with. Residential estate agents charge a fee for their services, usually a flat fee plus around 1% of the property sale or purchase price or rental value.

You will find most estate agents on the high street as having a physical presence is important to catch passing trade. There are estate agents who work solely online and do do well out of it, but this involves a high level of financial input in order to get high rankings in search engines.

Salaries and Commissions:

As with other types of job in property, the estate agent crowd will be working on commissions in some form or another. Many salaries are arranged so that an estate agent will get a fixed salary, usually of around £25,000 a year (as of September 2011) and then a capped bonus rate ranging from £10,000 to £100,000 a year. Some of the larger companies give uncapped commissions which are great for skilled sales people.

To find out more, visit: Nextstep.direct.gov.uk/planningyourcareer/jobprofiles/JobProfile0247/Pages/default.aspx.

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