A job opportunity with Tullow Oil in Ghana could be just around the corner

Ghana is at the threshold of great things in the oil industry. Tullow Oil operating in Ghana maintain a very high exploration and appraisal success rate across its portfolio. A job opportunity with Tullow Oil in Ghana could be a job for life.

In Ghana, Tullow Oil discovered the world-class Jubilee field in 2007 and have developed it in record time with production commencing in November 2010. Exploration successes at the Enyenra and Tweneboa fields in 2010/2011 mean that, in addition to future phases of developement of Jubilee, new major deepwater projects in Ghana are increasingly likely.

Tullow Oil have numerous career opportunities that offer exciting new personal experiences and professional challenges. Ghana, where the company's current major projects are located, has no oil or gas industry and therefore relevant technical experience and skills are limited locally.

Tullow Oil strive to recruit the best candidates for any position and this goal is underpinned by their attractrive market-based renemuration and employment policies. Jobs are advertised or their intranet and selection decisions are based on merit.

All job offers are made directly from the offices of Tullow Oil plc. All email and telephone correspondence regarding an offer is through the email addresses and telephone numbers given on the Contact us page of the companies website.

Recruitment agencies such as Europteam Consultants provide recruitment services to the oil and gas industry, and can take some of the hard work out of finding a job. Jobsites like oilcareers.com, oilandgasjobsearch.com and oilandgaspeople.com can match candidates to suitable positions with Tullow Oil.

A job opportunity with Tullow Oil is worth exploring, and could be the key to a very interesting and rewarding career.

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