Finding your dream job opportunity in Canada

If the lure of Canada is starting to prove hard for you to resist, and you are starting to plan a move there, then you will be joining an ever growing number of Brits who have made the big switch and haven't looked back. It can be a daunting move halfway around the world though, which is why it is best to look out for a job opportunity in Canada before you depart. In this blog, we will aim to help you out with that by pointing you towards the best recruitment agencies you can register with, and get them working on your behalf.

A good site for finding you your very first position after you arrive is Adecco, as they have a huge number of temp jobs which you can slot into while you search for something a little more substantial. You can check them out online at adecco.ca. Adecco allow you the resource of uploading your resume to their servers, and this is a fantastic way to get yourself the job you seek in our experience.

Another fantastic recruitment agency operating in Canada is Kelly Recruitment, and you can check out their site and array of available positions by checking out kellyservices.ca. Kelly are a huge multi-national company operating in almost every country, and they offer a huge number of services to job seekers. Having dealt with them in the past, we highly recommend you check them out.

For a slightly larger overview of the recruiters out there in each city in Canada, we recommend having a look at jobagencies.ca. This will show you the location of every recruitment agency, so you can pop into each and speak to them yourself.


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