Strike it rich with a job opportunity at Tullow Oil in Ghana

If you are the adventurous type, and are open to new challenges, a job in the oil industry in Africa might open up a new career path. You could find the perfect job opportunity at Tullow Oil, based in Ghana.

Now in its 25th year of operations, Tullow Oil (tullowoil.com) is the largest independent oil company, thanks to successful oilfield exploration and consistent delivery of major projects.

Tullow offers numerous career opportunities to committed and flexible candidates, who are ready to face new challenges and opportunities.

Mobility is a key factor when assessing candidates. Not only must they be willing to work in the Jubilee field in Ghana but must be open to the idea of quick relocation to new projects, including working in the field in Uganda. Tullow place great importance on seconding staff to new areas, transferring technical expertise and increasing skills, experience and knowledge.This approach means that Tullow can attract and retain talented, ambitious and versatile staff.

Salaries are among the most generous in the industry, as the company wants to encourage loyalty, and to build a long-term relationship with its recruits. Appointments are made strictly on merit, and Tullow does not discriminate on any grounds.

Recruits are offered a detailed training programme, to develop skills and expertise. New staff are put through a thorough induction to the organisation. There is also an e-induction programme that tells the Tullow story, explains its ethos, and outlines the company's work practices.

For details of the application process for a job opportunity at Tullow Oil in Ghana email hr@tullowoil.com. Job offers are made directly from the offices of Tullow Oil plc.


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