Take care of things with job opportunities in security

Job opportunities in security are growing and there are a variety of ways to get involved in the action. The quality and scope of security services is notably improving opening up more prospects in the industry.

It is illegal to work in the security industry without the relevant licence. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is responsible for the compulsory licensing of people working in specific sectors of the industry. These include roles such as security guard, CCTV operator, door supervisors, private investigators and cash in transit personnel.

You can attend training courses with accredited trainers in locations throughout the country. A criminal record check will be carried out on all applicants and you must undergo strict reference checks.

Applying to security companies in your area is a good way to start looking for employment. You can get contact details for firms from business listing directories, such as yell.com and freeindex.co.uk.

Some companies will allow you to apply online via the career pages of their websites. For others you will have to apply directly with a CV and cover letter expressing your interest and relevant experience.

Jobsites are a quick and easy way to find and apply for vacancies. Sites such as securityvacancies.com, uksecurityjobs.co.uk and securityoracle.com specialise in filling vacancies in the industry.

Jobseekers can find job opportunities in security advertised in newspapers, job centres and with recruitment agencies. Thinking of businesses in your area, such as retailers and manufacturers, and enquiring with them about security vacancies can also reap dividends.


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