Learn how to find all the best job opportunities in Ireland here

When looking for the latest job opportunities in Ireland, you should look in as many places as you possibly can in order to have the best chances of securing a decent job. Ireland's economy has rapidly declined in recent times and there is a severe shortage of jobs compared to other years.

There are hundreds of multi-national companies located all around Ireland due to the low corporation tax rates implied on them. Many of these companies base their European headquarters in Ireland, including Google, Facebook and eBay.

The construction industry isn't performing well at the moment and you could be in trouble if this is your only job choice.

However, if you register with a decent recruitment agency, you might find it easier to pick up one of these jobs. There is a wide range of agencies serving the country but among the most popular are Hays, CPL and Adecco. You will find these in almost every major town in the country.

You could also drop in and register with FAS, Ireland's national employment agency. They have plenty of new vacancies every day. To find out where the nearest FAS office is to you, log onto FAS.ie.

Finally, a job search is never complete without having a look online at some job recruitment websites. There are loads of websites serving Ireland, all giving you the opportunity to apply to jobs online in seconds. Among the most popular job websites in Ireland are:

  • Jobs.ie
  • Irishjobs.ie
  • FAS.ie
  • Gumtree.ie
  • Loadzajobs.ie


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