Fantastic job opportunities in Cork

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Anyone who is looking for employment in Ireland will be delighted to discover that there are excellent job opportunities in Cork to avail of. As Ireland's largest county, the local economy in Cork has vacancies in a wide range of sectors.

One of the biggest employers in Cork is the administration industry. There is a huge number of businesses in Cork and the majority of them require competent office staff to assist with the running of the business.

You generally don't need a high level of qualifications to gain entry to the admin industry. Today, the lion's share of admin work is done on a computer, so computer literacy is important. It's essential that you can operate programs like Microsoft Office and Excel for most admin positions.

If you don't have these skills, it's highly recommended that you complete a computer course to give you the tools to successfully apply for an admin job in Cork.

Admin staff are employed in a large number of industries in Cork including legal, medical and education. Because of this, the wages can fluctuate for different positions. Some positions will only pay the minimum wage, while other admin staff can earn up to €15 an hour.

Additional qualifications may be required for the higher paying admin vacancies, such as certificate in English or maths.

You'll find the vast majority of job opportunities in Cork on recruitment websites such as Jobs, Irish Jobs and Recruit Ireland. Once you have a CV uploaded, you're free to apply for any position that catches your eye.

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