Making the most of your job opportunities in Canada

Nearly a quarter of a million work visas are issued for foreign workers ever year by the Canadian Government. This should be a heartening news to you – if there weren't job opportunities in Canada to be had, then presumably there wouldn't be so many visas issued. But what are these opportunities, and how can you find them?

If you have your eye on getting a job in the hospitality sector, look no further than cooljobscanada.com. This catch-all hospitality site features job advertisements from all across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver with the positions advertised ranging from Cabin Cleaners for camps to cooks for a cruise to waiters for a water-park. And there's a whole range of jobs that don't feature alliteration as well! The site is Canada's number one site for hospitality jobs, and hosts a whole heap of useful resources for an aspiring job-hunter.

One of the most useful is their salary finder tool, which let's you find out the average salary for the kind of employment that you'll be doing in Canada, which is truly handing for making sure that unscrupulous employers aren't taking advantage of your naivety. Sadly such things happen too often, especially to people who may have travelled from another country and may not have the local knowledge needed to avoid being exploited. Even if you don't end up getting a job through the site, this resource is still a god-send!

Be sure to check it out, and remember that there are job opportunities out there for the patient and committed job hunter. Good luck with your search!

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