How to get a job offer from Canada

Job seekers that want to move to Canada should take the time to assess their employment history. This should be done before searching for a company that is willing to give them a job offer from Canada.

People who have been to university and have a very specific skill are more likely to find a company that is willing to sponsor them for a work permit. Getting a Canadian work permit can be costly, time consuming and frustrating. Due to this many Canadian employers would prefer to hire people who already have the legal right to work in Canada over sponsoring a foreigner.

What this amounts to is that the only companies who are willing to deal with immigration on behalf of a potential employee are companies that cannot find qualified staff in Canada. Generally those who are looking for jobs in science and IT will be much more likely to find a sponsor than people who want work in other industries. These jobs are generally best found by choosing a company and going directly to their website. The job seeker can click on the phrase "contact details" and send through a copy of their CV along with a cover letter.

People who do not work in highly specialised fields will be better off applying for Canadian residency. Once this is approved job seekers will be able to apply for thousands of jobs in Canada. Those who use websites like the Canadian Job Bank will be able to get a Canada job offer within a matter of weeks.


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