Surf the web for a holiday job in Newquay

Contemplating an idyllic summer riding the surf by day and tending bar by night? If you want to live the Australian dream in Cornwall, it might be worth planning how to land that job in Newquay right now.

In recent years Newquay has become the hub of the UK's surfing scene, within easy reach of great beaches like Fistral, and with a lively nightlife, bar and cafe scene. This has meant there are plenty of seasonal jobs in restaurants, bars and surf shops.

For an idea of the types of local jobs and pay available, visit the Newquay Town website at newquaytown.com. Typical jobs on offer include hotel cleaning work, amusement arcade attendants, holiday park receptionists and restaurant supervisors.

Holiday parks like Summer Lodge (summerlodge.co.uk) are particularly good sources of summer jobs, with varied roles ranging through reception work, cleaning, maintenance and catering jobs.

Newquay's nightlife is nationally renowned, and in the summer, when the town is packed with young visitors, there is a demand for extra bar staff and club security. With clubs, the direct approach often pays off. Ask to leave your contact details with the manager, and be prepared to work very flexible shifts.

If you are an expert surfer, there may be an opportunity to pass on some of your skills at surf schools. Visit summer-jobs.co.uk to check on any openings, or apply direct to a surf school like Quiksilver Surf School (quiksilversurfschoolnewquay.com) or Escape Surf School (escapesurfschool.co.uk). If you are qualified, you might be offered a seasonal contract or some freelance shifts. For beach worshippers that would be the ideal job in Newquay.

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