Finding a Job at Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport offers employment to thousands of staff in a broad range of professions and roles. In many ways the airport is a town in itself, with many of the same businesses and services operating within it. Those who are interested in finding a job in Manchester Airport can find many positions advertised in one location, in Manchester Airport's Jobcentre Plus.

Those who have experience in customer service, or who would like to work in this area, may wish to look into positions with the many shops and services within Manchester Airport. All of the duty free shops, the bars, restaurants, coffee shops, juice bars etc., require both part time and full time staff. As the airport is permanently open, many of these businesses may wish to maintain a 24 hour work schedule also. Therefore shift work may be an aspect of any job in Manchester Airport.

If you prefer to work outdoors, you may be interested in working on the runways or carparks of the airport. Maintenance crew and drivers are required to work on the runways, alongside luggage handlers and baggage operators. Staff are also needed to monitor the long term and short term carparks in Manchester Airport, and to drive shuttle buses between the carparks and the airport terminals.

The examples above are just some of the job possibilities at Manchester Airport. If you would like to find a job at Manchester Airport, the Manchester Airport Jobcentre Plus is a good place to start. Information about working in Manchester Airport can also be found at jobs.manchesterairport.co.uk.

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