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Limerick is one of the most beautiful and ideally located cities in Ireland.  Limerick is a University City that is situated at the lowest bridging point of the River Shannon. The City of is steeped in history and has been a centre of trade since the days of the Vikings and is one of Ireland's oldest cities. In more recent years Limerick has become home to Ireland's tallest hotel and new and exciting developments include an Opera Centre and Arthur’s Quay Park. So if you are living in the stunning city of Limerick and are looking for work then check out some of these fantastic opportunities! Find a job in Limerick now!

Quality Assurance Analyst

This is a great position that has become available for a Quality Assurance Analyst to join a Limerick based software company and work on e-commerce projects with its clients. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing and building advanced software solutions and working closely with google, yahoo, Bay Amazon and more. To be considered for this role applicants must have a BS degree and have more than 3 years experience in software development, project management, or systems development. A strong understanding of technologies and frameworks including SOA, SAS, ZML and Visual is also a necessity. To apply for this position please contact CPL.

Assistant Manager – Financial Services

This is another fantastic opportunity to work for one of CPL’s Limerick based clients in the financial services sector. They are currently looking to recruit an experienced Assistant Manager. This is an eleven month contract role and the successful candidate will be responsible for development lending, credit analysis, documentation general managerial tasks. To be considered for this role, applicants must have corporate or commercial banking experience, excellent communication skills and experience in a project management role. To apply for this position please contact CPL now!

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