The five best ways to find a new job in Largs

Finding your next job in Largs doesn't have to be as stressful and time consuming as you think. If you are looking in the right places for jobs, you won't have a problem finding one.

  1. Always buy the weekly local newspaper - The Largs and Millport News. They always have a great selection of the latest vacancies in the classifieds section. You will find the jobs on their website as well at largsandmillportnews.com.
  2. Using the services of a well established recruitment agency can help as well. There aren't any agencies in the area but if you are prepared to travel a couple of miles you will find Ingeus at 99 Dalrymple Street in Greenock or Hays in the nearby town of Ayr at 1 Parkhouse Street.
  3. Using national job websites is one of your quickest options and gives you access to more jobs than anywhere else. One of Scotland's most popular job websites is S1jobs.com. Another website worth visiting is fish4.co.uk.
  4. Use the website largsjobs.co.uk. It has a great selection of jobs from Largs and offers you some excellent advice about the different companies in the area. As well as this, they have some brilliant information about how your CV should look. If you are lucky enough to get called for an interview, make sure you check out their interview advice section.
  5. Visit some of the stores or companies in the area and see if they need an extra pair of hands to help out. Largs literacy school is great if you are fluent in a second language. Morrison's supermarket often hire new staff especially around Christmas time.


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