Job interview questions for UK customer service jobs

Customer service jobs are an important aspect of today’s workforce, and represent a consistent employment opportunity. Below are common job interview questions for UK customer service jobs...


Although candidates for customer service jobs can expect to answer a range of questions, your experience will definitely come under the spotlight. A typical question might be for you to give an example of your own dealings with customer service staff. You’ll undoubtedly be asked to expand on your reasons for stating that your impressions were positive. Why was it good customer service?


Your employer will want to envisage you in a live situation. They might well pose a situation for you, where a customer has called to complain about problems with their account. The interview panel will want to hear a clear and confident explanation of how you would deal with a customer politely but assertively. They’ll want to know you can cope with stressful situations, especially when someone at the other end of the phone loses their temper.


Not all customer service positions involve call-centre environments. In many organisations, the customer liaison staff man desks, and face customers regularly. Expect to be questioned about your ability to handle complaints face-to-face. You might be asked how you would demonstrate that you are taking an aggrieved customer’s issues on-board.


Customer service often relies on sophisticated software, for handling telephone traffic and prioritising calls. Common interview questions will focus on your knowledge and competency of computer systems.

Good luck with the interview!


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