Job interview: questions to ask the employer

At the end of every job interview, you'll probably be asked 'Do you have any questions for us?' A few probably spring to mind - what is the salary, what are the working hours, what is the holiday allowance... But put these practical questions aside. Now's your time to shine with job interview questions!

Use this opportunity to show:

Keen interest in the job: You can do this by asking questions aimed at understanding the exact scope of the job. These include: What are my top three priorities over the next six months? Who do I report to? Who do I liaise with? How is my performance measured?

Your potential: Take this opportunity to tell your interviewer anything important that you may not have got across in your answers. For example: 'In my last job, I achieved great results by implementing a new reports structure. What kind of procedure is in place here?'

Also ask questions that demonstrate your understanding and industry awareness. For example: 'I recently read that our competitors are xxxxx. Does this company have any plans to follow suit?'

As for those practical questions, there will be time to discuss the details in the next stage. If you do need to know the details now, mention it last. Something like:'I have a few practical questions with regards to remuneration and the working environment. Do you have a company handbook I could take home?'... will show that you respect the employer's time. More often than not, the employer will tell you to go ahead and ask now. That way you'll get the information you need but it will seem like your priority is on the role rather than the benefits.


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