Tips to find a job in media

Now that you have completed college and graduated, it is time to start job hunting and find a job in media. Although, you may have successfully passed all your courses and learned a great deal, you could probably use some tips to find jobs in your new career. Learn how to find your job in media and start your career today.

Media jobs

Looking for jobs is hard work. Getting a degree is admirable, but unfortunately, it does not automatically guarantee that you will find a job right away. Competition is stiff for the best jobs with high salaries, good hours and top-notch companies. To succeed, you must research companies and jobs while perfecting your CV and interviewing skills.

Specialising in a media job

Do not begin your job search until you have determined the media job you prefer. Media jobs cover a broad spectrum including television, photography, journalism, blogging, copywriter jobs and several others.

Job boards for media jobs

Using job boards is a smart way to get started when looking for media jobs. You will find many jobs ads online advertising media jobs.

There are several Internet job boards specializing in media jobs. You might try using mediabistro.com, journalismjobs.com or corporate media job boards.

Hidden media jobs

The best media jobs may be hidden. That is to say, they are not openly advertised in the newspaper or online. Good jobs may be found through word of mouth, relatives, co-workers, college career services or recruiting agencies.

Job tools

Make use of a variety of search engines when seeking media jobs. Constructing a few key word searches could prove to be invaluable when looking for journalism or photography jobs. Search for jobs using Google, Yahoo, Bing and other large search engines to find a job in media.

Landing a media job

Using job boards and search engines is just the first process to landing a job in media. You must prepare to shine above all the other job candidates. Make sure you have professional looking clothes for the interview and are prepared for interviews.

Prepare in advance and be ready to answer questions about everything listed on your CV. Provide employers with examples of your skills and how they could be applied to the job you are applying for.

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