We can help to focus your search for a job in London part time

London is the busiest city anywhere in the United Kingdom. For this reason alone it represents one of the best places to be for anyone who is searching for a part time job. However, finding a job in London part time is going to require you to think hard about where the best opportunities for your needs are likely to be available.

If you have previous experience working in the retail sector, then we recommend you focus all your attention there. Since the retail industry plays a huge part in the success of London as a city, there are probably more potential opportunities available here than anywhere else in the United Kingdom.

The majority of part time retail jobs in London will usually involve you working as a sales assistant. For most retailers, this means that you'll spend your day taking for customer purchases and ensuring that the floor displays are adequately stocked at all times. Ensuring that the store itself is always clean and tidy is also a large part of this position, for which you can expect to earn somewhere in the region of between £5.93 and £6.10 per hour.

While the money may not be great initially, there is plenty of potential for you to to work towards an eventual management position, so it's very important that you always give it your all if you want to be a real success.

With so many retailers located in London, recommending one or two would be unrealistic, so instead, in order to find a job in London part time, we suggest you focus your attention on the following shopping centres to ensure you have the maximum exposure to potential new part time jobs;

  • Victoria Place Shopping Centre, 115 Buckingham Palace Road
  • Whiteleys, 144-151 Queensway
  • Cardinal Place, 76-98 Victoria Street
  • Covent Garden Market, 41 Covent Garden Piazza
  • Capital Shopping Centre, 40 Broadway


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