Looking for a part time job in Liverpool?

If you’re on the lookout for a part time job in Liverpool, you might be pleasantly surprised when you learn more about the city!

For example, mention the name ‘Liverpool’ and most people will immediately think of The Beatles. But did you know the city boasts another Fab Four – four universities?

These seats of learning – University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, Edge Hill University and Liverpool Hope University – employ hundreds of workers, from academic to administration staff and catering workers to cleaners, so it’s worth checking their recruitment web pages to see what’s on offer.

The area is also a large employer within the financial and insurance sectors, and is home to a variety of call centres, such as Lloyds Banking Group contact centre in Speke.

Also located in south Liverpool is the head office of Shop Direct, the UK’s largest home shopping group. Catalogue companies tend to require a wide range of different skills including delivery drivers, stock pickers, packers, finance teams and call centre operators.

Another sector to look for a part time job in Liverpool is retail. In 2008, the city centre was transformed by the opening of Liverpool One shopping centre, with 140 shops, two major department stores, a host of restaurants and coffee shops and a cinema.

Typical jobs in this area range from store managers, deputy managers, sales assistants, security staff and stock retention officers to cooks, coffee baristas and cinema team members. Other Liverpool retail hubs include the upmarket Metquarter and the budget end St John’s Shopping Centre.


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