Are you looking for a new job in Glasgow at the moment?

Finding a new job in Glasgow isn't an easy challenge. The economy was crippled in recent times and there was a shortage of new jobs. This can still be felt today so to have the best chances of securing an interview, you need to ensure that your CV and cover letter are well presented.

Your cover letter is your chance to sell yourself the best you can to potential employees. You should outline your skills and what you can bring to the company. For the best results, write a new cover letter for every job you apply to. You can get loads of valuable information about your cover letter and CV for free by visiting improveyourcv.co.uk.

Visiting a recruitment agency in Glasgow is an excellent idea as part of your job search. You will find loads of well known agencies scattered all over the city. You simply need to call in with your CV and have a chat to a recruitment specialist. They can advise you about any jobs that suit your requirements and can even set you up with an interview if there is something that really interests you.

Some of the most reputable recruitment agencies in Glasgow are:

  • Pertemps (163 West George Street)
  • Hays Recruitment (120 West Regent Street)
  • Search Recruitment (198 West George Street).

Don't forget to check as many job recruitment websites as you can when looking for a new job in Glasgow. They are the quickest way of finding the best jobs. Check out any of the following:

  • glasgowjobs.com
  • s1jobs.com
  • myglasgowjobs.co.uk


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