Save time looking for a job in Birmingham by using a recruitment agency

Due to the fact that the number of unemployed people in the United Kingdom is increasing with each passing month, it is becoming harder and harder to find work through tried and tested methods like using the countless online job sites available out there today. Rather than spending half your life clicking away on a range of job sites, we recommend you turn the computer off and try a slightly different approach. You'll thank us for it, we promise.

If you're sick of using the net to search fruitlessly for a job in Birmingham, you need to give some strong consideration to using one of the excellent recruitment agencies available in the area. Not only do these companies have countless years worth of experience in finding the right people for a wide range of jobs across every industry imaginable, but they have built up strong relationships with all the major employers in the West Midlands, meaning that they often fill positions before they even make it as far as the biggest job sites on the net.

In order to sign up for one of these agencies, you'll need to fill out a detailed application form where you'll list your previous work experience, your education and your personal skills and qualification that you think might be relevant to your job search. They'll then match that to the jobs in their database and find you a position that best suits.

Out of all the agencies in the Birmingham area, the ones we recommend most highly are Pertemps (16-18 Temple Street), Blue Arrow (61 New Street) and Proactive Recruitment Solutions (43 Temple Row).

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