Where to find a job in Havant

Looking for a job in any area of the country can be a particularly challenging task in the current economic climate. More people are facing the prospect of redundancy and the jobs market is extremely competitive. If you are looking for a job in Havant, there are a few websites which may be able to help, both specific to the local area and more general jobs websites.

Havant Borough Council has a comprehensive jobs section on its website where you can read job profiles, find out what it is like to work for the council, and most importantly search for current jobs with the council. The opportunities for employment are plentiful as the borough covers a particularly large area. The jobs can be browsed by category and you can scroll through the list and find out information about salary, hours and location. Clicking upon an individual job listing will take you through to more detailed job information where you can download the job description and person specification and apply for the job.

Havant College is also another source of local vacancies where employment can be sought for both teaching and non teaching roles. The college advertises its current vacancies through its website and requires a whole host of staff including administrators, technicians, teachers for both day and night classes and receptionists to name a few.

The local leisure centre which can be found by searching for ‘Havant leisure centre’ in a search engine is also another organisation in the local area who will advertise an array of vacancies throughout the centre.  Another particularly useful jobs website is that entitled Havant jobs which not only provides facilities to perform a job search, it also presents information about completing a CV, job profiles, careers advice and local training courses on offer.

In addition to the above-mentioned websites, you could also undertake a search locally. Make a list of local organisations that you would be interested in working for, not forgetting supermarkets, large department stores, or leisure providers and send out some speculative applications. Also, consult the local newspapers that will regularly publish a jobs section, usually on a weekly or twice weekly basis, visit the job centre or apply to some local recruitment agencies.


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