Job guide - being an educator of toddlers

How to be an early childhood educator

Want to be involved in learning programs for toddlers? You can begin right after your GCSEs as an assistant teacher and learn it on the job. If you want to be a teacher without being an assistant first and start at a better pay, take an early childhood education course. If you do so after A level, you may qualify for certain exemptions.

Who are your employers?

Your employers are typically owners of early childhood educational institutions such as nurseries, preschools and enrichment centres. You are usually interviewed by a school principal who is often the owner.

What do you do?

The more subjects you can handle, the easier it is to hire you. In addition to teaching, you plan your daily lessons (ahead of time) and keep a record of it. Whenever there are events like sports day and a school concert, you need to rehearse your pupils. Social issues sometimes arise among the pupils which you will need to address. Occasionally, you will deal with parents too.

What is the pay?

Pay is dependent on both formal qualification and experience. Sometimes, it is dependent on your type of employer too. An institution that charges higher fees may remunerate their teachers more than others. Since the teachers here are more specialised and more is expected from them, this is only fair. Generally, if you have 1 to 4 years of experience, you can expect 13,000 to 19,500 pounds per year.


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