How to find a part time job for Christmas

Need to earn some extra cash for Christmas? Whether you want to get into the seasonal spirit or just take advantage of the demand for additional staff, there are plenty of opportunities to find a part time job for Christmas.

If you feel you have the build, joviality and genuine love of children required to be a store Santa, you need to start thinking about applying by early autumn.

Although some retailers such as Dobbie's Garden Centres (dobbies.com) and some local shopping malls advertise directly for their Santa, most of these jobs are filled by agencies. Check jobsites like jobisjob.co.uk, under seasonal work or just Santa.

Agencies specify that candidates should be outgoing, enthusiastic, good with children, and ready to work long hours. Be aware that it is a very demanding job. Do you have the good humour and patience to keep up the ho-hos when the 37th child that morning tugs your beard and demands the latest Nintendo Wii and a Peppa Pig playset?

If you aren't quite up to the spotlight, maybe a job in Santa's supporting cast beckons. Santa's helpers get to wear fetching green suits, and usher expectant children into the presence of the great man. You don't have to be an attractive young woman to land one of these jobs, but it does seem to help. Check the agencies and job sites in September for openings at a mall or department store near you.

If working with children isn't your idea of seasonal enjoyment, you might prefer to join the ranks of the Christmas part-timers at major supermarket chains like Tesco (tesco.com) or Sainsburys (sainsburys.co.uk).

Additional staff are needed over Christmas, as holiday cover, and to keep the shelves stacked with all those mince pies, turkeys and puddings. Ask about a job for Christmas at your local store, and stress your willingness to work flexible hours.


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