Finding a job in the field of marketing

The aim of a job in the field of marketing is to promote or advertise a product or service. This could be done entirely over the internet or it can be achieved offline through printed material such as newspaper advertisements and flyers.

A marketing executive is responsible for developing and implementing marketing campaigns which will involve planning, organising events and press releases, product development and research.

Typical duties of a marketing executive will include networking with a range of different organisations and stakeholders, effectively communicating with audiences through printed material or the internet to convey a message and to advertise a product, brand or service, management of the production of printed material such as newsletters, posters, flyers and DVDs where they are used, maintaining customer databases and overseeing the work of marketing assistants. These duties however are not the only ones which are associated with the marketing executive; their roles and responsibilities will vary in accordance with the industry and product or service which is being marketed.

If you would like to work in marketing you will need to have excellent communication skills, an ability to undertake analysis of trends and other relevant datasets, be able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines, creativity and Information Technology skills, strong business awareness and knowledge of market trends, and excellent written skills.

Work for a marketing executive can be sought from Brand Republic jobs, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Marketing Direct, Marketing Week, The Guardian jobs website and a host of other general jobs websites such as Total Jobs and Monster.

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