List of Job Fairs in London for 2011

Finding a job is very difficult during times of recession. Through attending job fairs in London, you can increase your chances of getting an employment opportunity. It is necessary to prepare for a variety of interviews when attending a job fair. One way you can prepare is learning about the various job fairs in London that are available.

Search Associates

One way to learn about job fairs is through Search Associates. This is a online website where you can learn about teaching and administrative internships and jobs. In the spring of 2011, there is one event scheduled in London. This will be held at the Hilton London Paddington. The dates for this international teaching job fair are on April 29 through May 1, 2011. The organizer of this international teaching job fair is David Cope. Candidates interested in these jobs are those that are seeking employment overseas and have a desire to teach.

Guardian London Graduate Fair

Another job fair scheduled for the year 2011 is the Guardian London Graduate Fair. Their next scheduled fair for the year is in June of 2011. This fair will be held at the Business Design Centre. Many companies have participated in previous events that were organized by the Guardian. The last job fair had 7,600 people. Past companies included Barclays Bank, the Army, CFA Institute, Cancer Research UK and Brighton Journalist Works. There is no cost to attend the event. Visitors will receive a job fair guide, refreshments and lunch. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to meet and interview with potential employers.

Target Jobs

Target Jobs are holding various job fairs. These graduate career fairs are scheduled throughout 2011 and up to the year 2012. For the year 2011, they have a job fair scheduled in May. This event will be held at the NEC in Birmingham (National Engineering and Construction). The job fair is entitled National Engineering and Construction Recruitment Exhibition. They also have a job fair scheduled in June, 2011. This will also be held at the NEC in Birmingham. On June 14 of 2011, Target Jobs is having a job fair entitled Graduate Recruitment Fair which will be held at the University of South Hampton. Target Jobs is an online site in the United Kingdom that provides graduate and career advice.




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