How to find a job in decorating

Jobs in decorating are available to a range of skill levels and in every area in the UK. It follows that when new buildings go up, they will need decorating and when existing buildings need upgrading or modernising, they will need decorating. This creates an abundance of work for decorators, whether working individually or working as part of a group or company.

Self Employment

Self employment is an option and essentially means that you create your own job in decorating. There are some enormous benefits to being self employed, relating especially to the hours that you have to work and being able to take time off when you need it. Tax matters are simple once you have taken the time to understand them and getting work is not too difficult. In large city areas it is advised not to go into self employment because the bigger firms can be a lot more competitive - but in smaller towns and villages, decorators can make a lot of money as there are not many of them around. Job projects can range from new hotels to renovating cottages, so make sure you have a wide range of skills and knowledge of different materials and paints etc. before you agree to projects.


The sector for jobs in decorating on an employment basis receives mixed reviews. There are a number of jobs available in companies who work not only in the UK but also in Europe and sometimes farther afield, but pay and hours are not always favourable. Those with little experience can expect the bare minimum wage and those with many years experience may find their skills are not utilised to maximum ends.

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