Driver job cover letter

Many applicants for driving jobs neglect their cover letter, relying on their experience to sell their skills to the employer. However, in today's competitive job market, this may no longer be enough.

Getting hired for a driving job requires salesmanship. You don't just have to possess the right skills for the job, you have to sell your skills to an employer. And a driver job cover letter is an important way to do this.

Your first step is to identify what the company is looking for in its drivers. They will want someone who is reliable, able to work under minimal supervision, manage their time well and be a good brand ambassador. The job description is likely to specify other desired attributes. You should also find more general information, like the company's mission statement, on its website.

Once you have identified them, use your cover letter to demonstrate that you possess these skills. Try to use examples where possible - employers love to see these.

The next step is to relate your experience to the driving job vacancy. Don't repeat information on your CV - instead, use your cover letters to draw links between this information and what the employer is looking for.

Finally, be specific about why you are applying for this job with this company. You should sound professional yet enthusiastic about joining the team. A little research can go a long way. Your cover letter should never sound like it is just one of many that you sent out to multiple companies.


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