The best places to find a job in Cork

Are you getting a little sick and tired of pounding the streets of Cork in an attempt to grab a job but failing miserably? Given the title of Ireland's second city, you would expect that there would be a huge amount of job openings in the Cork area for the right candidates. Despite the recent economic crisis, this is still true. In this blog, we are hopefully going to take some of the leg work out as we show you some brilliant places to find a job in Cork.

After emerging from under an economic cloud, Cork is fast gaining a reputation as a fantastic place to work. It also enjoys a whopping number of dedicated job sites offering a huge range of openings to the right staff. We recommend making Cork Jobs at corkjobs.ie your first port of call. This site is the perfect place to start your search as it rounds up all of the Cork jobs from all of the Irish job sites, cutting down the amount of depressing time you have to spend trawling job sites for work.

If you are seeking a professional, or career style job, then we recommend pointing your eyes towards the Recruit Ireland website at recruitireland.com. This website specialises in graduate jobs, so if you are looking for something quite specialised, then this is a website you should be checking out. Conveniently, it is a recruitment site that allows you to upload your CV, leaving you available to look for jobs without even being online.

If you are thinking of going a little bit more down the casual employment route, then why not take a gander at the Cork Gumtree site at cork.gumtree.ie?

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