Find a job cleaning private houses

There is a variety of cleaning jobs available in the UK, but a job cleaning private houses requires specific skills. Here we provide an overview of what you should know.

Personal attributes

If someone is employing you to perform cleaning jobs in their home, they’ll expect you to be hard-working, trustworthy and self-reliant. Although attention to detail is a universal trait, no matter where you’re actually working, when you’re actually dealing with a private residence, you’ll be expected to be especially thorough.

Once you become established, your employer may rely on you more and more. Eventually you might be entrusted with a spare key, in case you’re required to complete tasks when the occupants are elsewhere.


Working with an individual or a family will be more restrictive than, say, going into a workplace after-hours to begin cleaning. You might well have to work within certain parameters, taking into account school runs, or occasions when the family are on holiday.

Your employer might also have specific tasks that they would prefer to do themselves, such as dusting family heirlooms or antiques.

Overview of tasks

Although no two residences will be the same, there are a number of tasks that you are likely to encounter:

  • Vacuuming floors and skirting boards
  • Cleaning sliding doors
  • Watering plants
  • General dusting (furniture, windowsills, removal of cobwebs, cleaning window blinds)
  • Making beds
  • Hanging clothing
  • General tidying
  • Emptying rubbish
  • Cleaning kitchen (work surfaces, oven hobs and interior, microwaves)

Many cleaning jobs in private homes often involve childcare as well.


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