Current Job Centre Vacancies in Hinckley

Now is a good time to be looking for work in some parts of Britain as a quick look at the job centre vacancies for Hinckley will show. There is a good selection of varied positions available.

Reily Studios are looking for a sales coordinator, Photography image enhancer and an appointments coordinator. All positions are offering £5.93 per hour and are available for an immeadiate start.

If you are looking for a cleaning position then Maid 2 Clean might have the perfect position for you as they are currently looking for a part time house cleaner in Hinckley to do cleaning and ironing. cleaning jobs are great for keeping fit and the position is available right now offering a not too shabby £6.00 an hour.

Gary's Taxi's are looking for a new driver to rent a car off him for £150 a week you must have completed and passed your council taxi driving test but if you have then you will get access to Gary's solid customer base and the opportunity of earning a very healthy income.

Shorties are looking for a mens hair stylist so if you think you have what it takes they are offering National Minimum Wage.

If you are a skilled tradesman there is a position going for a furniture joiner with Beauty Planet Furniture Ltd. This position offers a negotiable salary based on your experience and credentials.

Whatever your field or level of experience there is somethinbg for you in Hinckley if you would like to check out any of these vacancies for yourself just head to http://www.jobisjob.co.uk/hinckley/jobcentre/jobs where you will find the full postings and infomation on how to apply.


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