A guide to the facilities of the Job Centre in the UK

Every Job Centre in the UK includes basically the same features and provides the same services to its customers, making the Job Centre a consistent and dependable resource in any hunt for jobs.

Although offering a nearly identical function to the Direct.gov website's job search engine at jobseekers.direct.gov.uk, every Job Centre in the UK includes a collection of touch screen computer terminals designed solely to search for jobs, primarily in the local area.

Indeed, this focus on the local area is the only distinguishing feature from the jobseekers.direct.gov.uk website - but the touch screen format of the Job Centre computers can be a little easier to navigate for those unfamiliar with technology.

Alongside these computers, a Job Centre customer will find a row of telephones, which can be used for free to chase up employment opportunities or make any official phone calls. This can be a colossal benefit for those jobseekers in difficult financial situations.

Additionally, one can make appointments with Advisors at branches of the Job Centre across the UK. These Advisors can push you in the right direction regarding any claims for benefits, or help you find the best employment agencies to register with (having an experienced knowledge of the local job market), or recommend some training opportunities that fit in with your employment plan.

Finding the closest Job Centre in the UK to your location is an incredibly simple task, once you access the location search engine of the Direct.gov website - which is, curiously, rather difficult to find using the conventional methods.

To access the search engine directly, visit los.direct.gov.uk/Default.aspx, and enter your postcode into the relevant box. This will generate a list of Job Centres of ascending proximity from the location you gave.

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