Finding a job at Job Centre Plus

Job Centre Plus is part of the Department of Work and Pensions. It provides help and assistance to job-seekers of all ages across the United Kingdom.

Job Centre Plus Offices

There are Job Centre Plus offices in most major cities in the United Kingdom, including Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, London and Manchester. If you're seeking work, you can visit the offices in person or alternatively phone for an appointment to discuss local vacancies and training schemes.

Online Job Search

Job Centre Plus also provides an online job search facility. Job seekers can search online via the Direct Gov website - direct.gov.uk - for jobs in their area. You can search by location or by category of work.The site also lists part time and voluntary positions.

Applying for Jobs

Job Centre Plus provides a number of additional services, including assistance with filling in application forms, writing cvs and interview training. Job seekers can make use of the computers and make phone calls for free from Job Centre Plus offices. Advisors can also advise on training courses and schemes relevant to your chosen area of work.

Benefits Claims

Job Centre Plus administers certain benefits, including Job Seeker's Allowance and Income Support. Potential claimants should phone their local office or visit in person with evidence of their individual circumstances. It's also possible to apply for Job Seeker's Allowance online at the direct.gov.uk website, but you may need to attend a Job Centre Plus for an interview. Benefit claimants should also tell Job Centre Plus of any change in their circumstances.

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