Check out Job Centre Plus in Hull if you're looking for a job

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There's tons of help available to job seekers and it can really make the difference between finding a job and missing out on one. Job Centre Plus in Hull is a wonderful service that brings job seekers into contact with the largest database of job vacancies in the UK.

The Job Centre Plus website has recently been revamped and all the help you need for finding a job can now be found on the DirectGov website.

It really couldn't be any easier to search for jobs. All you need to do is enter the job type you're interested in and the location - in this case Hull. If you want to see all the vacancies in the area, just enter 'all jobs' into the search box and this will give you a complete list of all available jobs.

There are more search boxes on the website that will help you to narrow your search. You can select only permanent and temporary positions to search for and you can specify what time period you would like to work; such as evenings, nights, and weekends.

It's also possible to only search for vacancies that have been posted after a certain date, which is helpful for eliminating vacancies that you may have already come across.

The Job Centre Plus in Hull is a great place to get all the help and advice you need to confidently apply for a job. If you need any help with things like CV presentation or interview techniques, don't be afraid to ask for it; because that's why they're there.

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