Have you tried the job center in Liverpool Garston?

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In recent years there has been a shortage of new jobs coming onto the market. Thankfully things are changing and more jobs are becoming available every week. The job center in Liverpool Garston is a great place to start looking for the latest jobs.

You will find thousands of full and part time positions across every industry out there. You can call into the centre and make an appointment to speak with a recruitment specialist. They will discuss your skills and any qualifications that you have and compare this to the requirements of any vacancies they have. You will be offered an interview if there is a match.

The latest jobs are also advertised on their website at jobseekers.direct.gov.uk. Simply type "Liverpool" into the search bar and choose the distance from the centre that you would like to work. For the largest selection of jobs, we suggest you search for jobs within 15 miles of Liverpool. If you prefer, you can search for jobs by category. Just some of the categories you can choose from are office, retail, sales, health or business.

You can get loads more than just the latest jobs at the jobseekers website. They have extensive information about preparing your CV and cover letter and information about interviews and your employment rights.

For more information about what the job centre can do for you, drop into them on the Speke Road in Garston, Liverpool or you can give them a call to book an appointment on 0151 801 5200


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