What you can expect from your local Job Center in Bristol

Most of the actual job hunting facilities found within Job Center Plus offices can also be found on the internet. The government's own Jobseekers website at jobseekers.direct.gov.uk contains the exact same search engine as that which you can find on the computer terminals near the entrance of every Job Center, albeit with some slight differences.

The computers in the Job Center are designed to focus on jobs in the local region, giving you several chances to restrict your search to the most commonly demanded vacancies in the area, while the internet version - being unsure of your location - is a little more flexible in this regard.

There are many benefits to finding your local Job Center in Bristol despite the availability of the search functions online, however. In close proximity to the computers, you'll find a row of telephones which are free to use for you to follow up any job advertisements and arrange an interview - an invaluable resource if you're struggling for money.

You can also make appointments to meet with the advisors in your Job Center, who will give you help if you feel you are eligible for any benefits, and have a wide knowledge of the local job market - thus being able to point you in the right direction regarding any recruitment agencies with which you should register, or any courses which would boost your employability.

There are eight Job Center offices in Bristol and its surrounding towns, including one in central Bristol itself, one in Clevedon, Easton, Horfield, Shirehampton, Yate, Kingswood, and one in Bedminster.

If you are unsure which is closest, to find your nearest Job Center in Bristol, you simply need to visit los.direct.gov.uk/Default.aspx and enter your postcode.

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