Looking for a part time job in Brighton and Hove?

If you are on the lookout for a part time job in Brighton and Hove, you’ll be glad to hear that this south coast area has a lot going for it!

For a start, the seaside city of Brighton not only attracts millions of visitors each year, but is also a beating heart of commerce, so whether you are interested in tourism or business, there should avenues to explore.

The city has hundreds of hotels and this is one sector where part time work is usually plentiful. There tend to be vacancies for various roles including cooks, kitchen hands, bar staff, waiters and receptionists, but some might only be required for the summer holiday season, so it’s worth checking before you apply. Jobs usually start around the minimum wage of £5.93 per hour – that’s the rate for workers aged 21 and above – but can sometimes be higher.

Financial services is also a strong sector – American Express is one of Brighton and Hove’s largest private sector employers. In addition, the district is a hub for new media, with a lot of opportunities for IT professionals such as website developers. The salary range for these jobs is very wide and depends on experience and the nature of the work.

Another good sector to find a job in Brighton and Hove is in retail. The Lanes and Churchill Square are two of the main shopping centres, hosting a mix of major high street brands, independent retailers, eateries and pubs. The types of vacancy you might encounter here would include sales assistants, customer service assistants, bar staff, cleaners and coffee shop staff. Again, this sector often pays minimum wage rates across the UK, but it depends on the individual employer and the role.

The area also employs a lot of staff in further and higher education, as there are two universities and the City College. Vacancies at the college tend to be for lecturers specialising in a host of subjects from hairdressing to bricklaying and salaries for this type of work can range from around £21,000 to £33,000.


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