How to succeed in a sales job in banking

Is a job in banking right for you? For some people, working in the banking industry is out of the question owing to their perceived lack of interest in subjects like economics and accounting. If so, you have forgotten the 'real' driving force behind every industry. Regardless of whether you are selling a product or a service, physical or otherwise, it's the sales that make or break your business.

Cold call for clients regularly

Don't rely on your colleagues

Don't rely on your colleagues for the list of names and businesses to contact and follow up. You are in a much better position to target these clients for your bank.

Convert your prospects into clients

Cold calling does take time but what if you convert 10% of them? This means 1 client out of every 10 calls, which definitely makes your cold calling effort worth it. Bear in mind though, that the client may not open an account with your bank immediately but rather, six months down the road.

Still, if you cold call regularly, you can have an 'ongoing' supply of such clients. On a slow month or two, you may just be able to hit your quota with this little bit of effort.

Lead the client from the sales presentation to the contract

Have you ever watched a few of your senior colleagues presenting to prospective clients? Are you on par? Securing a business appointment for your bank is one thing, convincing the client via a sales presentation is the next step that leads to the signing of the contract.

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