Looking for a job at Tescos Yardley?

As one of the major employers in the United Kingdom, it's always great news for an area when Tesco decides to move in a build a new store. That's exactly what is happening in Yardley right now, with a huge Tesco superstaore under construction. The project was originally held up due to a disagreement about compulsary purchase order, as well as a disagreement with a local land owner, however now the project has been green lit once again and is entering the final stage of development.

With the store due to replace the Swan Shopping Centre in Yardley, it is estimated that more than five hundred jobs will be generated for the area once it opens. This represents a massive boost for the local economy, and there are already plenty of locals rubbing their hands at the prospect of working for one of the most renowned employers of part time and full time staff in the United Kingdom.

Since they need to build their staff from scratch, those looking for a job at Tescos Yardley will be able to choose from a wide number of potential jobs. The most common jobs at Tesco are cashier and floor operative positions, so these recommend the best opportunities for unskilled workers. With wages of between £5.38 and £5.97 for these positions, they represent an excellent foot in the door as well as stable, if unspectacular, wage.

Main responsibilities include dealing with customers on a daily basis, scanning groceries, dealing with cash, credit card and debit transactions, stocking shelves and ensuring that the store looks as well as it possibly can at all times.

With the development due to finish soon, we recommend that you keep an eye on tesco-careers.com in order to stay up to date with the latest in store vacancies.


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