Would you like a job in airport security?

A job in airport security can be found in any of the UK's many airports. Both male and female security officers are required and training is generally provided.

Airport security officers can be required to conduct a number of tasks. While most passengers are primarily aware of them when passing through the airport security checks, officers are also required to conduct regular patrols of the airport terminals to check for any suspicious activity. They must also monitor the cargo and service areas of the airport. Security officers are also required to operate and monitor CCTV equipment.

At the security desks, officers must scan both passengers and hand luggage for potentially dangerous items. They are also required to check boarding passes and passports when passengers are passing into the departure lounge.

Those who wish to work as airport security officers should be observant, alert and reliable. They should also be physically fit, in that they can patrol the areas of the airport for long periods. A full range of movement is also essential, as officers may be required to lift and move heavy items of luggage.

If you are interested in a job in airport security you should contact your local airport for further information. As a standard rule you will have to pass a background check, and you will be required to be resident in the UK for the past number of years. The airport will also wish to see a full work history with references before processing your application to the next stage. Airport security job listings can be found at jobisjob.co.uk/airport-security/jobs, or by contacting your local airport.

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