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There is a large selection of job agencies in Swansea for you to choose from. A quick search on the internet will list dozens of specialist agencies that all have different positions on offer.

Action Recruitment is based in Mansel Street in Swansea and offer an incredible service to their clients. Action's quality reputation has been built by offering a personal and professional service to companies in the Swansea and surrounding areas. They provide both temporary and permanent office based staff.

they have available positions in both the public sector and the private sector covering a wide range of skill sets from drivers to accountants. Whether you are looking for a job for a day. a month or a full time career, Action Recruitment have something to suit you. Action Recruitment offer a range of services to all jobseekers. Why not talk to them today and you can avail of:

  • Career guidance and planning
  • Job variety
  • Flexible working
  • Free Skill Assessing
  • CV review
  • Retain skill base
  • Develop new skills
  • Competitive pay rates
  • Holiday pay
  • Comprehensive job briefing
  • Performance feedback
  • Personal service
  • Regular contact

Action Recruitment has made it easier than ever to get in contact with to start planning your new career. You can call into their offices in person at Mansel Street in Swansea city centre to discuss any vacant positions they may have. They can also be contacted over the telephone where you can make an appointment to meet them. You can find out their phone number on their website, where you can also upload your CV. You can find them online at actionrecruitment.com.

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