JCB Creating 2500 New Jobs

With all the talk of companies closing and jobs being lost, particularly in retail where Blockbuster are the latest big name to hit the skids, it’s good to know that some industries are experiencing enough growth to create new employment. Machinery maker JCB’s announcement that 2,500 jobs will be created by their £150million investment will mean new jobs for people living in or around Staffordshire. The firm are expecting the job creation to be completed by 2018.

Estimates suggest that the boost in employment could add a further 7,500 jobs as companies gear up to supply JCB with goods and services. The news was released shortly after Chancellor George Osborne visited the firm’s plant and a day after the government outline their plans for recovering in the Autumn Statement.

The new jobs are a result of Government funding which will help unlock economic growth in the area. In an interview with Sky News, Osborne said: “Investment in the infrastructure here has allowed this company to announce 2,500 jobs, which is all part of an economy that's growing and investing in the things that matter.”

The plans for JCB are part of a wider international strategy to increase sales and improve the firm’s market share. A new facility in Brazil was created as part of this strategy, and the £150million UK scheme will be the firm’s biggest investment in Britain in their history.

JCB chairman Lord Bamford said: "Our plan to create 2,500 high-quality manufacturing jobs locally is clear evidence of the important link between infrastructure improvement and job creation.”

JCB’s plan includes building a 350,000 square-foot facility in Beamhurst which will supplant the smaller Rugeley site. The firm, which is still under family control, will be able to build its own cabs for the machinery rather than outsourcing their construction.

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