Fundamental Java interview questions and answers for experienced developers

Fierce completion for Java jobs in recent times has meant that you need to be at the top of your game to secure your dream technology job. Being at the top of your game means you need to be well prepared for your dream job interview, among other things. Here are some of the top Java interview questions and answers experienced developers must know to enhance their chances of passing the interview.

Question: What is Java?

This is one of the most basic interview questions you can get and it will set the ball rolling for more in depth questions.


Java is a high-level programming language that was developed by Sun Microsystems initially for set-top boxes and handheld devices.

The programming language, originally known as OAK, was modified to take advantage of the burgeoning World Wide Web and subsequently renamed to Java in 1995.

Q: What is the Java API?

The Java API is the subject of some of the most fundamental Java interview questions and answers for experienced developers. You are bound to get some Java API interview questions, especially for experienced developers with two to four years experience.


The Java Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is a suit of ready-made software components (library of Java functions) that provide many useful capabilities, such as capacity to perform common tasks like file transfer, networking and data transfer.

Q: What basic features make Java a popular programming language?

This question seeks to establish your level of understanding of the java programming language.


The main features of Java that makes it both powerful and popular include:

  • Java is an Object Oriented: - This means Java uses object-oriented design, a popular programming technique that focuses on the data (=objects) and on the interfaces to that object.
  • Java is secure: - Java places a lot of emphasis on security with applet Java securities features, such as Bytecodes checker, Classes loader and Security on applets that help achieve tamper-free, virus-free systems
  • Java is multi-threaded: - The main benefits of multithreading are that you get better interactive responsiveness and real-time behavior, which allows for enhanced system performance.

Q: Write code to print Fibonacci series in Java?

You are also bound to get some coding interview questions to test your Java coding skills. The Fibonacci series is the subject of classical and popular Java interview questions and answers for experienced developers. Many developers do not answer the question successfully, so it is important that you practice writing code in Java well beforehand.

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