Jacobs factory vacancies in the UK

Jacobs Biscuits is a subsidiary company of United Biscuits. This large organisation produces branded snacks and has a number of factories throughout the United Kingdom. It is therefore worth keeping an eye out for any Jacobs factory job vacancies, especially in Liverpool in the UK where the company owns a large site.

Job Opportunities - The job opportunities in Jacobs Biscuits can be divided into two principal categories - Manufacturing and Professional/Specialist. Many of the jobs within the Professional category involve administration and logistics, while others are more technical. For example some of the Jacobs factory job vacancies in Liverpool in the UK involve engineering or food technology.

As far as manufacturing is concerned, Jacobs Biscuits employs people in a number of positions. As biscuit manufacturing is now a highly technical process, many different machines are used. Therefore many of the Jacobs factory job vacancies in Liverpool, UK, are for machine operators and technicians.

It is possible for individuals to forge a lucrative career with Jacobs Biscuits. As this company is a part of a much larger organisation, there are a number of managerial levels within the group. Therefore it is possible for employees to be promoted through the ranks, especially within the factories.

United Biscuits have also acquired a number of interests overseas. Those who have been chosen to fill one of the Jacobs factory job vacancies in Liverpool in the UK may have the opportunity to be transferred to international locations on request. If you are interested in applying for a position with this company, you can find details at http://www.ubcareers.com/.

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