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There are hundreds of Italian jobs in London waiting to be filled at the moment. They are available throughout nearly every sector that you can think of. A large amount of these jobs will be teaching, customer service jobs or translators. There are several Italian newspapers published on a daily basis that advertise these jobs. The most useful resource for finding these jobs is definitely the internet.

Indeed.co.uk is an excellent recruitment website that advertises thousands of jobs on a daily basis. At the click of a button all the UK's best recruitment websites are searched and you are given the best results to match your search.

There is currently a vacancy for an Italian technical support agent in London city centre. This is a permanent full time position and the position is with one of the UK's biggest multinational companies. For this job, you will need to:

  • Answering telephone enquiries, email enquiries and correspondence in both English and Italian
  • Maintain call administration
  • Build strong relationships with customers

Applicants for this position need to be customer service focused. You should have at least 6 months previous experience in a technical call centre role. You must be a fluent speaker and writer in both English and Italian and it is essential that you are results driven. There is a starting salary of £16,000 per year for this position.

To apply for this job or to browse through the large range of Italian speaking jobs in London, simply log onto indeed.co.uk.

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