Where to find IT vacancies

IT vacancies can be found from a variety of organisations; some of which require specialist IT skills such as web design or development, whilst others are more general such as an IT technician.

With the advent of the internet and the ever increasing use of computers to carry out work on a day to day basis, the amount of Information Technology vacancies will inevitably increase. Many organisations now carry out all of their work on computer, and some corporations aim for a paperless office. Therefore, IT systems have to be able to store large amounts of data and run effectively.  More and more organisations now have some form of web presence. They will therefore require website designers to manage and maintain their website, updating content, maintaining web based databases and troubleshooting problems.

If you are looking for an IT vacancy, they can be sought from the local authority, large corporations, housing providers, the NHS and private healthcare providers, schools, colleges and universities and many more organisations. Jobs can be sought in your local area by consulting local newspapers who will publish a jobs section at least once a week, the local Jobcentre Plus, the local council, police or housing association and other private sector organisations.

You can also utilise the internet to search for suitable IT vacancies using websites such as Direct.gov, the Guardian, Total Jobs, Reed Recruitment or distance learning providers such as the Open University, ICS or the Home learning college. Alternatively, you could look for jobs based from home which operate over the internet.

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